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Title: 322:SidGriffin,Goldie,NigelGodrich,MaryAnneHobbs
Post by Erotic_Baubles on Jun 19th, 2017, 12:45pm
Mark and Maconie, 1pm 6music

19/06/2017 (
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Monterey Pop Festival, resident musicologist Sid Griffin joins Mark and Stuart to discuss the significance and legacy of this landmark music festival.

20/06/2017 (
Mark and Stuart chat to musician and DJ Goldie about his new album. Coming to prominence in the '90s, Goldie was a pioneer of the British dance scene, fusing breakbeat, jungle and drum and bass sounds to produce hits including 'Inner City Life'.

21/06/2017 (
Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie - Twinkly and Rough-Hewn, radio diamonds broadcasting on your sparkly radio all afternoon.

22/06/2017 (
As 6 Music celebrates all things Radiohead, Mark and Stuart hear from the band's long-standing producer Nigel Godrich. Often referred to as the sixth member of the band, he has produced every Radiohead album since 1997's OK Computer.

23/06/2017 (
Mary Anne Hobbs sits in and looks ahead to a weekend of Glastonbury, with all the latest news and music from the festival.

Folk Show, 7pm Radio 2

21/06/2017 (
John Smith in session.

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