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   The Mark Radcliffe Show 2004
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   Author  Topic: The Mark Radcliffe Show 2004  (Read 1912 times)
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The Mark Radcliffe Show 2004
« on: Apr 30th, 2006, 12:12pm »
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June 2004
7th -      Badly Drawn Boy, Sally Lindsay
8th -     Simon Donald
9th -     Bic Runga,Andrew Collins
10th -   Mark Ellen

14th -   Ross Noble
15th -   Charlatans (first mention of Kate Bush, she
                 rolled Mark a fag)
16th -   Wayne hemingway, Robert Smith - down line
17th -   Noddy Holder ,I'm still unsure of who he is,
             erm....who is Noddy Holder isn't it time he
             was  on again? Wink,Jim white

21st -    Jim White, John Prine
22nd -   Simon Armitage
23rd -    Barbara Nice (Janice Connolly), Kings of    
24th -    Dave Tordoff (Graham Fellows),  Jim White

28th -    Jim Moray
29th -    Ian McMillan
30th -    Lesley Fiest
1st - Noddy Holder, Supergrass

5th -          Simon Armitage - down line in Iceland
6th -          Elbow
7th -          John Cooper Clarke
8th -          David Quantick

12th -    Dave Spikey
13th -    Mark Ellen
14th -    Hot Club of Cow Town
15th -    Eliza Carthy

19th -    Simon Donald & his mate Alex
20th -    Patti Smith ( recorded on 2nd July)
21st -    Rufus Wainwright
22nd -   Noddy Holder

26th -  Tanya Donelly
27th -  Sally Lindsay
28th -  Graham Coxon
29th - Cambridge Folk Festival, Tom Robinson, Mise  
31st- 9-10pm Cambridge Special

2nd - Andrew Collins
3rd - Ian McMillan
4th - Tim Booth
5th - Bernard Wrigley

9th -  David Quantick
10th - Piny Gir
11th - Mark Ellen
12th - Noddy Holder

16th - Edinburgh - Ross Noble,John Hegley, Tim Abrahams (Guardian)
17th - Edinburgh - Lee Mack, Sarah Kendal,Lynne Walker (Independent),
18th - Edinburgh - Stewart Lee,Eliza Carthy,Johnny Dickinson, Flight of the Conchords
19th - Edinburgh - Ed Byrne, Barbara Nice,James Campbell, Karen Koren

Mark on Holiday,Mark Lamarr Presenting
*23rd - 5678's
*24th - Easyworld
*25th - Clint Boon
*26th - Noddy Holder

30th - Simon Armitage, The Blue Nile's Paul Buchanan (recorded in Edinburgh on the 16th August)
31st - Bernard Wrigley
1st - Phil Manzanera- Roxy Music
2nd - A Girl Called Eddy
3rd - 8.30-9.30 Blackpool Illuminations- Geri Halliwell, McFly, Lemarr

6th - Mary Guibert - recorded on 1st sep, down line
7th - Julian Cope
8th - Durutti Colum
9th - Mark Ellen

13th - Anthony Wilson
14th - Aberfeldy
15th - Simon Armitage
16th - Noddy Holder
17th - Roundtable 6 music
18th - Across the great divide, The story of The Band

20th - Sally Lindsay
21st - Stuart Maconie
22nd - Ian McMillan
23rd -  Louise Wener

27th - Kate Rusby
28th - Charlotte Hatherly
29th - Claudia Winkleman
30th - Noddy Holder

4th - Eliza Carthy
5th - Liverpool - The Basement, Travis, Willy Russell
6th - Liverpool - The Basement, Embrace, Mike McCartney
7th -  Simon Armitage

11th - Martin Simpson
12th - KT Tunstall
13th - Noddy Holder
14th - Mark Ellen

18th - Mr David Viner
19th - Mrs Barbara Nice
20th - Andrew Collins
21st - Ian McMillan

Mark on Holiday,Mark Lamarr Presenting
*25th - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
*26th - Clint Boon, Mark Radcliffe on the phone talking about John Peel
*27th - Bernard Wrigley
*28th - The Divine Comedy

1st - Noddy Holder
2nd - Ed Harcourt (recorded on 12th october before KT Tunstall show)
3rd - Hilary James,Simon Mayor & Richard Collins
4th - David Hepworth

8th - Stewart Lee
9th - Simon Armitage  10.30-12.55
10th - David Quantick
11th - Wayne Hemingway

15th - Mark Ellen
16th - Thea Gilmore
17th - Zero 7
18th  - Children In Need- London, Noddy Holder 9.30-12.00

22nd - Mark Thomas     Mark and Marc on BBC LDN and Five Live promoting DVD
23rd - Camper Van Beethoven
24th - John Bishop
25th - Eliza Carthy

29th - Paul Buchanan
30th - Ian McMillan
1st - Ash
2nd - Noddy Holder

6th - John Hegley
7th - Simon Armitage
8th - Colin MacIntyre- Mull Historical Society
9th - Sally Lindsay, Guy Garvey

13th - Craig Cash,Phil Mealy
14th - Claudia Winkleman
15th - Mark Ellen
16th - Nic Armstrong & The Thieves

20th - Count Arthur Strong (Steve Delaney)
21st - Candidate
22nd - Andrew collins
23rd - Noddy Holder
27th - 30th December - Mark on Holiday

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Re: The Mark Radcliffe Show 2004
« Reply #1 on: May 2nd, 2006, 12:46pm »
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Re: The Mark Radcliffe Show 2004
« Reply #2 on: May 2nd, 2006, 2:23pm »
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You truly are the oracle R_J.
Respect to ya!.
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Re: The Mark Radcliffe Show 2004
« Reply #3 on: May 2nd, 2006, 4:35pm »
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on May 2nd, 2006, 12:46pm, R_J wrote:

Not quite, I left out Robert Smith
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