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May 25th, 2019, 8:01pm

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   Grinds are a part of WoW Classic
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   Author  Topic: Grinds are a part of WoW Classic  (Read 32 times)
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Grinds are a part of WoW Classic
« on: May 14th, 2019, 9:28am »
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Retail has grinds? So you realize in wow classic gold retail the method to equipment is Mythic raiding and M+ right? Gearing through pvp isn't viable unless u have at least a 1800 raiting. So you would like them to address/change vanilla when the exact same issue cant be addressed in retail stores? Grinds are a part of WoW Classic (sadly) but unfair benefits dont need to be. Wether you choose to go PVP or PVE your gear ought to be quality. And no the"grand marshal gear grind" is complete garbage, I′m expecting they change it for WoW Classic. Whats the point in Blizzard if all you need, making WoW Classic is a much balanced version of the game that is Retail?
Blizzard announced their plans for Alterac Valley, highlighting it off the 1.12 version of WoW Classic, just as they had said they will for most matters in Classic. I am very excited about what's likely to come in the next few months, and very happy that we're getting about Classic! Thank you for watching, and don't forget to sign up! I'm not certain there's a flicker about the upload, the recording I have in my computer doesn't have a flicker that is black , I think that it's a problem with how it was processed by YouTube. I didn't alter any of my preferences or anything, so I am not certain where it came out.
Love how all you video makers have turned into shills for blizzard as we get closer.pull that your tongues out of their. The more we know the more we realize this is NOT classic we keep in mind and experienced, it is a variation that is late that nobody really cared about b/c TBC was right around the corner. NVM the simple fact that 1.12 introduced cross realm BG's so ofc it is going to be a Zergfest. Don't tell me it won't cuz it was in buy classic wow gold  August of'06, overlook any turnins, overlook ram/wolf riders, forget windriders, overlook summoning lokhalar/ivus, forget that epic feeling of being mobbed on your foundation and combating hard and driving the opposing side back and ultimately winning.
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