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"Welcome to the guest book, you've all sent in such fine emithers - it was time to record them for all to see". "Thanks for all the support!" Chad
"What a fantastic way for fans of the biggest show to stay in touch with each other and share any news that they have on our heroes". "Chaddy is now a Hero of mine too for the effort put into this site. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Biggedy Biggedy Bong in a Jim Macdonald Stylee" Will W
"Well a big biggedy biggedy bong in a Chris Martin stylee to you all."Glen Hackshaw
"I've said it before and I'll say it again; great site Chad!" Parky
"Ohhhh Yessss! Nice one Chad, a top site m8, is it worth owt?" Matt, GlasgowHamlet
"I'm going I say I'm going to leave another message so I am :0))" Mel Carroll
"Sir Chaddy the Lad,,what could we ever do to thank you??? I know "fancy a brew" Helen
"Thanks Chaddy for all the hard work, we do appreciate it, And so do I." Simon
"Top site and top marks to Chaddy for all his hard work, Stop!..Carry On" Lee Morris
"The BiggedyBong site is... a Great Moment in Web! Thank you Chad, Hmmmmmm Baaaaby xx."
Juanita the Pirate Queen
"Well done, Chaddy. Keep the flame alive. I'd give you 5 pounds but..I'm ten pence short ;)" Celebrity Sheep
"Top site, a worthy tribute to the lads! Look forward to conversing with you all for some time to come!" Rich Emmerson
"Top site Chaddy (or is that Mr the Lad?) may it long continue." Glenn Exporting Plumbing in Leicester
"Well done lads :)." Leanne
"This looks like the place for R1 Mark & Lard message board refugees. Thanks Chad, I love you, but I'm not gay or owt." Hungryhorace
"Site's looking good - and you know it's helping us all through these dark times. Good work fella - job's a good'un!" Josiah Catchphrase
"Every NEEEEEEED! Well done. The biggest show should be kept alive as long as possible. Carry on..."
Gazza Gwire
"A brilliant site, chock full of Quality Items "So It Is". Ian Davis
"Excellent site for the pond life". Gra, Deeside
"Fandabbydozy!." Aphex Chin
"Top flight, our kid! Keep up the good work. Carry on!" Alan
"Great site, lets see if we can get some star names here." Bruce
"Nice one Chad; very much appreciated...carry on!" Becca
"A place of refuge, somewhere to talk to likeminded souls." Jonny T
"About time I said thanks Chad. Thankyou! Long may we continue!" Harvmeister
"Great stuff, hopefully the soundclips will be back on soon! Can't wait to hear them again." Peter Henn

"Thanku thanku thanku . I lost all my mark & lard sound bites i had copied off the radio 1 site with a wave recorder when my pc crashed. I thought that's that gone forever , but it's all here again for me to listen to. What a great site thanku again." Nathan Beaman

"Thanks mate. The doctors say I haven't been the same since 'The Biggest Show' finished. What a perfect tonic! I guess I'm a lucky guy!!" Mr Bairy Hastard
"Great!! Keeping the 'Biggest Show'.... Alive!! Mull of 'kin Kintyre indeed!!!"
Fat Harry White's Love-child
"Are good web sites like this hard to find.........???? What in this....M.....condition.......YES. Thanks for your hard work getting this site up and running, nice to know their humour lives on.
"Thanks so much for putting the last show up - I was dying to listen to it again. Great job and a great site!!" Craig
"I am shocked!!! - Since moving to Oz 4 years ago, I occasionally log on to listen to Mark and Lard over the net! It is my only way of relieving homesickness! I obviously left it one and a half months too long between fixes! What will i do now? I obviously will have to move back to the old blighty!
It was only thanks to my fix of Mark and Lard that I managed to tolererate the Ozzies!!"

"Good Luck to the lads in their new ventures!!" Jeff Watson

"Well done Chaddy, I've not been to the site for a few weeks but is is ever expanding. I think everyone here appreciates the work you are doing............................................. ....................................and so do I!!" 1875 Simon
"I-I-I-I-I-I'm a lucky kind of guy to find a site like dis one. Have you ever heard of the luck of the Oirish????!!!!!!!!." Spudgun Heskey
"Mark and Lard MUCH NEED is a Colin and Edith stylee =o(" Our Kid
"WHooooooooooooo! Champion Site indeed. Thanks" Andrew
"Hiya - cool site. I'm looking to download MP3s of the classic "biggedy biggedy bongs" that Lard used to say - especially the one in the style of Jim McDonald. Sooo funny... Do you know where I can get them?" Christian.

"Still goin strong. MnL forever, Colin & Edith never ;) Colin & Edtih keep tryin to be Radcliffe & Riley, but they
stand no chance..." Downcount

"Not all great records are on "V", some of the best are here. Now I can be sad and lost with everyone else when I thought I was on my own. Cheers Chaddy." Freeno B

"I still miss the biggest show and it's good i have somewhere to come and be with likeminded people. Biggedy Biggedy Bong!" Paul Marsh

"genius site mate." Hibbitt
"6 months+ since the greatest show ended, still greatly missed, day time radio needs a good kick up the biggedy biggedy bong!" Mike B
"Top site Chaddy brings back lots of happy memories, like the day I heard my first Warp!, was introduced to the great sport of Frogging and learnt the art of loving from Fat Harry (great days mate). Keep up the good work." Mr Tickle
"Please start a revolution to end Colin and Edith, and get the big biggedy biggedy bong back in the week day
afternoons!" La
"brill site. thanks soooo much!" Mike
"The biggest show was the best radio ever . i really miss it .we need it back on air .anyway get some work done" Steven D
"class is timless" Charlie
"Great Site, Mark & Lard Are Legends, Come Back, Your Much Better Than Colin & Edith, Plus I Love Your Soundbites!, WELL DONE!" Chris W
"Just read the last interview on-line at the sun and im feeling, once more, quite deflated! hiya to those who were there on that fateful day in Manchester! NO NEED! (great site by the way)" Gaz B
"There ARE other people out there who, like me, feel an important part of their life is missing...I have so many
'mark and lard moments' in my past, times and things I'll never forget. They were more than just dj's" Mike Rees
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